Beautiful Solitaire Engagement Rings

Beautiful Solitaire Engagement Rings

When a man proposes, an engagement ring is always used to seal the deal, so to speak. When it comes to engagement rings, the solitaire ring is the most popular choice. It is one of the most sought after rings for engagements and is usually what women expect when a man asks for their hand in marriage.

What is a Solitaire Ring?

The word “solitaire” means single or solitary. This means that the ring has a single gem stone, usually a diamond, set in the middle of the ring. The first ever solitaire diamond ring used for an engagement was a plain gold ring with a single diamond in a square setting that Austrian Archduke Maximillian presented to his bride, Mary of Burgundy in 1477. After that, the popularity of solitaire diamond rings for an engagement became the standard.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Different Kinds of Solitaire Diamond Rings

For those who are thinking of proposing, finding unique engagement rings has become a fast trend. This is to show their loved one that their bond is unique and is a cut above the rest, so to speak. Designs that include solitaire engagement rings with a diamond band and distinctive looking rings that look like no other are being chosen for this particular reason.

Whatever design you choose, you should know that there are three basic ring settings and specific diamond sizes that women consider to be the best when it comes to engagement rings. The three basic settings you will find for solitaire rings include the prong, bezel, and tension settings.

  • Prong setting – This is the most popular of all three basic settings for solitaire diamond rings. This is when the stone is held in place by claw-like attachments, which are called prongs in the jewelry industry. The most common prong settings used for solitaire diamond rings are the six-prong, which is the signature setting of Tiffany engagement rings, and the four-prong.
  • Bezel setting – This is another of the basic settings for engagement rings with a single stone. This setting places the diamond right in the middle of a ring of metal with the girdle of the stone being hugged by this metal ring. This is also called by some jewelers as a donuts setting.
  • Tension setting – This is when the stone is held in place by the tension from the two open ends of the ring. This is the setting some people choose when they want a unique looking ring for their engagement. This is also one of the riskiest settings to choose since it relies on the tension from the metal to keep the stone in place.

Tips for Buying a Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you choose to use a solitaire engagement ring for your proposal, you can either have your future fiancé choose the ring she wants or you can surprise her. If you decide to surprise her, here are some tips that can help you find the perfect ring for the occasion.

  • Find out what she likes – Since this ring will be on her finger for the entirety of your engagement and your married life, knowing what your future wife likes is important. Have someone close to her fish for information on the types of rings she likes without revealing that you are planning to propose. Find out what shape diamond she likes, what setting, what precious metal she wants it in, and other pertinent information. This can be done surreptitiously by having your “spy” take her out window shopping for a ring.
  • Invest in a large stone – When choosing a solitaire engagement ring, always aim for a bigger central stone. A 1 carat solitaire diamond ring is considered the most ideal engagement ring by many. Anything less than a carat is considered less-than-adequate by many, and you don’t want to disappoint your future wife. These days, people are gravitating towards bigger stones for this particular piece of jewelry. Some people aim for a 1.5 carat diamond on their ring while some choose to give a 2 carat diamond solitaire ring to their better half when proposing.
  • Consider your partner’s activities – If your partner is active and moves around a lot, consider a setting that ensures the diamond in the ring is secure. Going for a tension setting might not be a good idea if your partner has a very active lifestyle.
  • Find out her ring size – This is where some men tend to make mistakes. Again, you can ask your spy’s help with this. When they go out window shopping, have them ask your partner to try on rings and to take note of the size that fits her perfectly.

These are just a few of the things you can do when you are planning on surprising your partner with a proposal. When you propose and you present her with a solitaire diamond ring that she loves, you can rest assured that you will have one happy bride and soon-to-be-wife on your hands.