Circle Diamond Ring

A circle diamond ring is a ring that has a round shape. Whether it is ring with a single, round cut diamond in the middle, or a halo ring with a cluster of diamonds around a round gem in the middle, these are all considered a circle diamond ring. Circle diamond rings come in a variety of designs and combinations you can choose from. These include classic designs, contemporary ones, and even a combination of both.

The design you choose when it comes to the circle diamond ring is dependent on what you believe your better half will like. There are lots of designs and combinations to choose from. You will have to take into consideration the setting, the stones that will be used, the size of the central stone, and even the precious metal that will be used for the ring.

Popular Circle Ring Designs

If you are considering a circle diamond ring for your partner’s engagement ring, there are lots of designs to consider. Here are some of the most popular ones people are choosing nowadays:

  • Round engagement rings with halo – This is one of the most popular designs when it comes to circle diamond rings because it puts a single large stone in the middle of a “halo” of smaller stones. Called a halo setting, one stone with a larger carat is placed in the middle of a round pave of diamonds or other gemstones. This kind of a design usually makes the central stone look bigger than it actually is. Some of the most popular engagement rings that carry this design are made by some of the most expensive jewelry makers around, like Jared’s. A lot of Jared engagement rings come in this halo design, with some even having a double halo around the center stone.
  • Solitaire round cut engagement ringsNothing is more spectacular than a single round cut diamond engagement ring. When you choose to go with a solitaire, always make sure that you pick a bigger stone to ensure that it has the impact that you want it to have. A 2 carat diamond is a great choice if you are thinking of going solitaire. Opt for a simple yet classic setting, like a Tiffany setting or a basket setting to show off the diamond in all its glory.
  • Solitaire with side stones – A ring with side stones adds more glitter to a diamond ring without taking anything away from the larger stone. Since the smaller stones are set in the band itself away from the solitaire, it enhances but does not overshadow the central stone. You can have the side stones line the upper half of the band or you can have it go all the way around.
  • Diamond ball ring – If you want something more spectacular than a large solitaire for your proposal, you can opt for something different but just as impressive. A diamond ball ring is one of the many gold round engagement rings you can choose in place of a solitaire. It consists of numerous smaller diamonds set in a golden ball on top of an expertly crafted band. This particular ring usually has over 100 round cut diamonds in it.

Other Designs to Consider Apart from Circle Diamond Rings

If you find the circle design a bit too common, there are a few other designs you can opt for. One popular shape when it comes to engagement rings is the oval shape. If your future bride does not like round cut diamonds, you can choose an oval stone for her. There are many impressive oval engagement rings that you can buy for your proposal.


Natural 2.00ct Sapphire Diamond Ring

Natural 2.00ct Sapphire Diamond Ring-18K Yellow Gold solid Ring-Princess Diana ring-Oval sapphire engagement ring-Diamonds and blue sapphire

Other popular cuts that people consider when it comes to engagement rings include the pear cut, princess cut, cushion cut, and radiant cut. Also worth considering are the emerald cut solitaire and the heart solitaire, which is said to be the most romantic of all diamond shapes.

Why a Circle Diamond Ring is a Popular Engagement Ring

If you were to search online for the most popular engagement ring designs, you will find two circle diamond designs included in the list. Round solitaire and round halo rings are in the top five most popular engagement ring designs on most lists online. This is because these designs show off the central stone perfectly.

A circle diamond ring is also a classic design that never goes out of style. While some modern designs tend to fade into obscurity after a while, round shaped rings tend to be found on trendy lists year in and year out. This is why people gravitate towards these rings when time comes to choose a ring for one of the most momentous occasions in their life. So when you are thinking of proposing to that special someone, or simply want to give them something special for their birthday, you can never go wrong with a circle diamond ring. Consider choosing a stylish, classic, or trendy ring with a round shape.