Facts about Natural Sapphire Engagement Rings

Facts about Natural Sapphire Engagement Rings

Classic engagement rings are undoubtedly classy but what about an engagement ring that is both classy, modern, and timeless all at the same time? Sapphire wedding rings are very popular nowadays which is evidently shown on Kate Middleton’s finger back in 2010 for her engagement to Prince William. The rising popularity of the colored engagement ring, or specifically, the sapphire engagement ring trend may even be partly influenced by her wearing it. Kate Middleton’s individuality and uniqueness really shows with her engagement ring. Why does Kate have a sapphire engagement ring?

To answer this question, we have to go back to the time of Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother. Princess Dianna was the previous owner of the famous royal blue sapphire engagement ring. It was her personal choice. She was the ring’s first owner and she wore it when she was still married to Prince Charles. When they divorced, Princess Dianna gave it back to Prince Charles and was stored in Kensington Palace.

Why does Kate have a sapphire engagement ring?

On 16th November, 2010, Clarence House announced that Prince William and his girlfriend, Catherine Middleton, were engaged. Royal fans rushed home to switch on BBC News to find out every detail. For jewelry lovers, the story had additional intrigue: Kate Middleton had received a very special engagement ring from Prince William. Source: https://news.thediamondstore.co.uk

When Dianna chose this ring, she was criticized because she did not have a custom made ring. It was even called a “commoner’s ring”. Shortly after Princess Dianna very unfortunate and unexpected passing, Prince Charles let their sons choose something of her possession to remember her by. Prince William did not choose the engagement ring at first. He chose his mother’s gold Cartier watch and Prince Henry chose his mother’s engagement ring.

Kate Middleton was given this engagement ring because Prince William asked Prince Harry to exchange the mementos they have of their mother. Due to Harry’s fondness of Kate as a sister, he agreed. From being a “commoner’s ring,” it is now considered as one of the most popular ring styles and the value of Sapphires are much higher.

There have even been reports of sapphire engagement rings all over the world. The particular sapphire engagement ring worn by Kate, is actually part of a set as shown in some photos when she was pregnant with their second child. Actually, many other celebrities wear sapphire engagement rings such as; Emma Slater, Mary Kate Olsen, Elizabeth Taylor, Jenny McCarthy, Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, and Elizabeth Hurley. Now the question is, are sapphires the right choice for you as well?

To answer this question, let us first know a few facts about sapphires.  Sapphires special stones that symbolize of strength, honesty, power, purity, wisdom and royalty. Along with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, sapphires are one of the highest valued precious stones as it hits the number 9 on the Mohs scale, just next to diamonds which have a number 10 rating. It is both unique and sturdy. You can even find the most famous sapphires in the Imperial State Crown of Queen Elizabeth.

Traditionally, sapphires have are even believed to have healing properties. What colors do sapphires come in? Sapphires can be color blue, colorless, green, orange, pink, violet, white, and yellow. The most famous one of course is the blue sapphire as seen on the ring of the Duchess of Cambridge. The blue variant is also known as the rarest kind of sapphire.

Sapphires were once most famously mined in Kashmir and Burma, Myanmar. Sri Lanka and Australia are the leading places to get sapphires. Sri Lanka is even the place where the largest sapphire was found, the Logan sapphire. There are also other places that mine sapphires as well. Sapphires are also the birthstone for people born in September.

Sapphires are definitely something that you should consider because you can get it in various colors. It can be an alternative to pink or yellow diamonds too and the only way to determine if it is a sapphire or not is with the help of experts. There is no quality-grading system for colored precious stones but, natural sapphires always come with inclusions, or tiny lines or cracks that you can see in the gem stone.

Inclusions are nothing to worry about. Actually, inclusions determine that the sapphire is truly natural. It is the opposite of how a diamond would be graded but they are not supposed to be interpreted the same way. Even synthetic sapphires can have inclusions but if you go to a jeweler to have your sapphire checked, they will definitely know if what you have is the genuine article.

Interestingly enough, sapphires are often treated with heat to enhance their natural color. There’s nothing to worry about as this doesn’t affect the quality of the gem but, there are reports of some jewelers dying their sapphires and this is a store that you should avoid to get your money’s worth. Not to mention that a sapphire’s beauty is comparable to a diamond but cost much less than one. You can even get a combination of diamonds and sapphires for your engagement ring if aesthetics are your top priority.

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