Minimalist Engagement Rings

Minimalist Engagement Rings

When people prepare for events and special occasions, they usually think big and extravagant. But these days, some people have embraced the minimalist idea of less is more. They go for something much simpler, and perhaps, cheaper but still leaves a lasting impression on the guests, visitors, and everyone attending the celebration.

That goes the same for wedding proposals. It’s an exciting event where a person pops the question, “will you marry me?”. But one important thing that makes it more special is the engagement ring.

Gone are the days when the popular choice of engagement rings are studded with big diamonds. People are going for a more modest design because it looks nice and weighs less. If you like a simple ring that still looks fancy and elegant, then minimalist engagement rings are a perfect choice of style.

Reasons To Choose Minimalist Engagement Rings

One of the best reasons why you should choose a minimalist engagement ring is its versatility. It blends well with any kind of outfit and everyday style, and it looks good on every hand. This type of engagement rings is trendy and sleek. Since it’s minimalist, the ring has no intricate metal details, giving more focus on the center gemstone. You can even wear a minimalist engagement ring together with a diamond wedding band or a plain wedding ring. It also looks beautiful if you wear it alone.

Another reason to choose minimalist engagement rings is that it is fashionable. The classic styles are called solitaires, which usually do not have diamond accents. Yes, a bit basic and boring, but you can make the ring stand out by putting small details such as metalwork and clawed prongs.

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Popular Styles Of Minimalist Engagement Rings

There are many styles of minimalist engagement rings. The most common design is the solitaire, but they can also come in other designs like classic, contemporary, or diamond-studded rings. For your guidance, here are some of the popular styles of minimalist engagement rings.

Classic Solitaire

This is particularly the most popular style of a minimalist ring. The metal band’s size is average, putting the diamond or gemstone as the focal point. However, it comes in various designs like the shape of the stone and colors, which can be gold, silver, platinum, and rose.

Because there are only a few details on the ring, it gives you the opportunity to choose what kind of gemstone you want to have in the center. You can also place the birthstone of your future spouse to make the ring more personalized.

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The Bezel

A bezel engagement ring features a diamond or gemstone on a thin, customized metal band. Instead of using prongs, the metal rim encircles the gemstone, holding and securing it in place. This ring comes in two designs: full and partial. A full setting surrounds the stone completely, while the partial bezel has open sides.

But the common feature between the two designs is that they both hold the gemstone firmly in its position. If your partner has an active lifestyle, then this is a perfect choice since you are assured that the stone will not fall off the ring.

Petite Solitaire Ring

If you don’t want an attention-grabbing ring, then the petite solitaire ring is a suitable choice. This is something a minimalist person would like to have. This ring features a smaller-sized diamond and is great for individuals with a smaller than an average-sized finger. It has a thinner band, which exudes that minimalist look.

The ring is not that heavy, which means it won’t cause any hassle on the person wearing it. The best thing about a petite solitaire ring is that it does not have intricate details, but it effortlessly goes well with any kind of outfit.

Braided Engagement Band

A minimalist look does not always mean a basic, plain appearance. It only means fewer details but still looks stunning and elegant when they are all pieced out together. If the previous options do not suit your preference, then a bit more stylish ring should do the trick.

In that case, you should be looking at a braided engagement band that features a laced or weaved metalwork. It has that vintage vibe, but it is a very romantic engagement ring. This can come without a gemstone, but it looks more elegant in rose gold and a diamond in any shape.

Tips For Purchasing

If you have decided to go for a minimalist engagement ring for your future betrothed, then there are a few factors that you should consider. First, think about the person’s lifestyle. You should know what your soon-to-be spouse does every day. If they are always on the go, work with their hands most of the time, or travel a lot, then a simple ring is a suitable choice.

And if they are not into fashion or do not wear so many accessories, then you should go for a minimalist ring.

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