Orange Diamond Ring

Orange Diamond Ring

If you think diamonds only come in its clear form, think again. There are actually colored diamonds out there that can fetch a heftier price than their clear counterparts. Fire diamonds is the orange diamond name given by famed gemologist Edwin Streeter. These stones come with a natural sunset hue but they are rarely found in a pure orange color. These stones are very rare, which is why natural orange diamonds are some of the most expensive out there.

Where Orange Diamonds Come From

There are only two known places in the world where these rarities can be found – South Africa and the Argyle Mine in Australia. The reason why these stones have this distinctive shade is because of nitrogen, which is also credited for yellow diamonds. Nitrogen found its way into the stone while the diamond was forming, giving it the orange appearance it has.

There are many different hues to choose from when you are trying to find an orange diamond in the market. Aside from yellow orange sunset color, there is the orange pink diamond with its pinkish orange hue, and the deep brown orange diamond, which has a more sedate color than the other brighter hues. There is also the pumpkin diamond, which obviously has the bright orange color of pumpkins, and is called a vivid orange gem.

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How Much Do Orange Diamonds Cost?

When you are planning on buying an orange diamond, whether you are planning on buying orange diamond earrings or an orange diamond ring, be ready to shell out a sizable amount of money. The most expensive would be orange diamonds that come with a fancy vivid color. Since these are some of the rarest stones around, next to the rarer red diamond and purple diamond, you can expect to shell out somewhere between $600 and $1200 for each stone. This is dependent on the quality of the orange diamond in question.

Since not all orange diamonds come with the same shade of orange, a pair of earrings that have these stones in them can cost a lot. These earrings can only be made if there is one large stone that can be cut in two to create the pair or if there are two stones that closely match each other for such a piece of jewelry. You can create your own pair of earrings by shopping for the stones yourself and finding similarly colored and sized gems for it at gem stores. For a pair of orange diamonds with a fancy yellow orange color, you can expect to shell out roughly around $1,400 for each .29 carat stone.

Why Choose Orange Diamonds?

The question some people ask when someone suggests an orange diamond for an engagement ring is, why such a diamond? Is there some significance to the color of the stone that makes it ideal for an engagement ring? Why not a red diamond ring instead or a clear one, for that matter?

It is said that giving an orange diamond to a loved one indicates that you are passionate about them. It is also a stone color that invokes energy and enthusiasm. Whether you are giving a person an orange diamond necklace or an orange diamond ring, you are showering them with a rare gift that can bring about natural energy and generate enthusiasm.

The orange diamond meaning however can be interpreted any way your recipient wants. It can be associated with the emotions that the color invokes, which is happiness and creativity. It can also be associated with the fact that it is a rare color which means it is more expensive than clear diamonds. This can show a person just how much you value them.

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How to Choose Your Orange Diamond and What Setting to Use

There are many different hues to orange diamonds, as mentioned earlier, with some having a more brownish hue than a true orange one. There are also others that come with colors that are closer to yellow than orange. Some of the colors you will find that are considered orange diamonds include hues like Fancy Deep Orange Fair, Fancy Yellow Orange, Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish, and Fancy Deep Yellowish Orange, to mention but a few.

You can choose an orange diamond according to what your budget dictates. Remember, the closer to a true orange color the gem is, the more expensive it will be. Also, keep in mind that clarity, carat, and cut also play a part in the value of the gem. For a high quality orange diamond, you can expect to shell out tens of thousands of dollars. To make the color pop more, it is a good idea to have this stone in a halo setting, with small diamonds all around it. You can also opt to go with a classic prong solitaire style to highlight the uniqueness of the stone.

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