Oval Solitaire Diamond Ring

Oval Solitaire Diamond Ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be a big challenge, especially if you don’t know what to choose or how to choose. There are so many cuts for you to choose from, not to mention the setting and the design. You also need to understand the 4-Cs of diamond shopping, which are color, clarity, carat, and cut.

Oval diamonds are pretty challenging to purchase due to the fact that can come in different proportions. Whether you are buying a 2 carat oval diamond or one that is smaller, these all have similar challenges. Unlike round diamonds, which always come in the telltale circular shape, oval diamonds can either be elongated, fat, pointed, boxy, or whatnot. In short, these can come in many different proportions. The best proportion for an oval diamond is one that has a 1.33 to 1.60 length to width ratio.

The Bowtie Effect

When you buy an oval diamond, you are sure to encounter what is called “the bowtie effect.” This is when a bowtie shadow appears in the stone at a certain angle. All oval diamonds have this due to its cut. The trick is not in finding a diamond that does not have this but rather in finding one that meshes well with the diamond’s cut or is minimal, at best. You can find the bowtie easily by looking at the oval diamond from different angles.

Reasons to Buy an Oval Diamond Ring

There are many good reasons why you should go for an oval solitaire diamond ring instead of the usual round options most people favor. For starters, oval diamonds are cheaper than their round counterparts. A 1 carat round diamond that has the same clarity, color, and depth as a 1 carat oval diamond can cost $1,000 more. This means you can buy a bigger oval diamond for the same price as its smaller round counterpart.

Price is not the only reason you should consider buying an oval diamond for your engagement ring. There are a few other reasons, and these include the following:

  • They look bigger than round diamonds – When you choose an oval diamond for an engagement ring, you get a stone that looks bigger, even though they have the same carat. If you set a 3 carat oval diamond in the middle of an engagement ring, it will look almost twice as big as a round diamond with the same size. If you look at engagement rings with halo designs sporting a round and an oval diamond, you will notice that the latter looks bigger than the former.
  • They give your ring a more unique look – An oval diamond will make your ring look a lot more distinctive than a round stone. If you are planning on getting a plain looking wedding band, having this type of stone on your bride’s engagement ring will help detract from the simple look of the thin band.
  • Your fingers look slimmer – The long, oval shape of the diamond also helps make stubby fingers look slender. This is because the shape of the stone helps give the illusion of length to the finger.

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You should also note that oval diamonds shine just as brightly as round diamonds. This is because both are in the same brilliant cut family. The brilliant cut is a type of cut that allow a stone to sparkle and give off fire as much as possible.

Where to Use an Oval Diamond

While the most logical choice for where you can use oval diamonds is on an engagement ring, these stones are not limited to just such a use. These can actually be used in other types of jewelry. Here are some ideas you can consider:

  • With wedding band – If you don’t want to have a plain looking wedding band for your wife, you can have an eternity ring with small oval diamonds all around it made for her. You can have the diamonds set in a horizontal manner or in a vertical orientation, depending on the size of the stones.
  • As earrings – If you two similarly sized oval diamonds, these can be made into impressive looking earrings. Some styles to consider include stud, halo, and drop. There are many designs to choose from and many different metals that you can partner with this. The most popular is white gold but yellow gold and platinum can also work.
  • As a pendant – You can also have your oval stone crafted into a pendant for a necklace. There are also lots of designs to choose from, and these include the usual halo, solitaire, drop, and cluster. You can also opt to create unique designs for your pendant, like flower shapes or scalloped shapes. You can find lots of ideas for this on sites like Pinterest or from popular jewelry store catalogs.

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While an oval diamond is often used for engagement rings, it can be used for other jewelry as well. Don’t be intimidated by talk about it being the cheaper counterpart of round diamonds. It is, in fact, a practical alternative and an equally brilliant stone that has the same appeal and fire as its round, more expensive sister.