The Most Popular Engagement Rings

The Most Popular Engagement Rings

Every year, people who are looking to propose try to find the best engagement rings for their future brides. This is where trends in engagement rings come in handy. Every year, there are predictions as to which styles and designs are going to make waves in the coming year. This year, a few distinct styles were seen as the hottest designs for engagement rings. Here are the styles that people gravitated towards in 2019:

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  • Halo Rings – A halo ring is one of the most popular designs this year and for a good reason. If you cannot splurge on a huge solitaire diamond, this is the next best thing. The circle of smaller diamonds around the center gem makes the one in the middle look bigger, even if it is a modest size. Sometimes called pave rings, these can come in a variety of shapes. Some halo rings are oval shaped while there are others that come with an emerald shape. There are also halo rings that come with a pear shaped center diamond. The most popular however is the classic round cut diamond and circle shaped halo ring.
  • Solitaire Rings – This is one of the many rings styles that will never disappear from trendy lists. This is because a classic never goes out of style. Solitaire rings, particularly those that come in lager carats, have always been the dream engagement ring of many women. There are many solitaire styles to choose from since there are quite a number of cuts, settings, and precious metals for you to pick from. You can go with a round cut in a Tiffany style setting. You can also choose to go with an emerald cut in a bezel setting. Popular engagement rings brands are often the go-to companies for solitaire diamond rings since these brands usually have the best quality stones.
  • Cluster Rings – While this can be easily mistaken for halo rings, there is a distinct difference between the two. While halo rings still consist of a group of diamonds in a circle around a larger diamond, cluster rings consist of same sized diamonds in a round cluster without a larger central diamond. A cluster ring is one of those rings that can replace a halo ring if you have a tight budget for your engagement ring purchase. It still has the look of the halo without the high price because there is no large diamond in the middle.
  • Three Stone Rings – Another popular trend this year is the three stone engagement ring. This usually consists of three different sized diamonds, with the middle diamond flanked on each side by a smaller diamond. This trend is to be credited to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry since the latter proposed to the actress using just such a ring in 2018. This trend has held on and is still one of the most popular rings for proposing. It is also predicted that this very same style will carry on in 2020, still as one of the top favorites.
  • Antique Engagement Rings – Finding a real antique engagement ring can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have one handed down to you through the generations. This style however can be emulated with the help of designs that look vintage and aging methods to make the gold look older than it really is. This is another engagement ring style that is set to continue being trendy in the following year. This is due partly to the popularity of Miley Cyrus’ vintage-looking engagement ring. The intricate designs that usually come with these rings are what make them so popular with those who buy them.
  • Custom Designed Rings – Designing unique engagement rings for their future wives has also become popular among young men. The design usually signifies the uniqueness of their relationship and the singularity of the person they love. Custom designed rings often come with unique stone combinations, unique colored metals, and unique settings. An example of a unique custom designed engagement ring is one that has a rose gold band with different colored stones stacked to form a crown.

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How to Find the Trendiest Rings for Your Bride

To get an idea as to what designs will be big in the coming year and which designs you bride might love, there are lots of places to look. You can check out Instagram for ideas by looking at celebrity proposals and what ring designs they used. You can also go on Pinterest to look at the hottest designs there. You can even search for that perfect trendy engagement ring by looking at the latest catalogs of your favorite jeweler.

Whatever the case may be, whether the ring you choose is a classic or a trendy one, rest assured that when you do present it to your loved one, it will be valued immensely. Not only for its uniqueness or intrinsic value but also because of what it represents.
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