Spinel Ring, Oval Spinel Engagement ring, 14K white Gold, Solitaire Engagement Wedding Jewelry Promise Statement pourple Birthday Gift



Main Stone Weight: 2.50ct approx
Dimensions: 9.2/6.4mm

A gorgeous Ring!!
Greyish purple Spinel solitaire also can be paired with a classic infinity diamond ring. (***The Listing is only For Solitaire Spinel****)
14k white gold devine, designed set and made with 100% love

For those who like it a little different.

Spinels range from strong, deep colors to very light pastels, coming in all shades of pink, lavender, red, red-orange, purple, blue, and even black. –
Spinels are becoming more trendy in jewelry for their great luster and beautiful range of colors and sub tone shades.

With a high luster and great shine, they are a wonderful choice for high jewelry connoisseurs who appreciate their various pastel tones and beauty.
In the past, they were sometimes confused for rubies and sapphires for their vivid blue and red variations. –
In the past few years, they have been discovered and celebrated for their unique characteristics.
Showing up with top jewelry houses.

As an alternative to color precious gemstones due to their absolutely stunning range of shades. –
Looking for something different and original with supreme color and shine?
Ask for Spinels they will always surprise you with their outstanding lustrous pastel tones!

Be different, be yourself, celebrate with all your 💓
Sophia Fine Jewelry Rocks Your World


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