The Most Popular Engagement Rings

Perhaps you are a non-traditional bride, or you simply want a unique engagement ring, you cannot deny the fact that there a good number of good options out there. From colorful center stones to halo engagement rings to dainty settings to vintage engagement rings, it is almost impossible to tell which ones are the best. That is why many would the selection process of engagement rings to be an extremely daunting and tiring experience. But, at the end of day, you want to make sure you are getting the best one; otherwise, you will just be wasting money.

Fortunately for you, we already did the heavy lifting. We have managed to get the scoop on what is hot right now when it comes to popular engagement rings brands. Sure, you can always say that a simple solitaire engagement ring is all about being a classic choice. However, you cannot just ignore the possibility of stepping out your comfort zone and finding out those one-of-a-kind dazzlers.

So, without further ado, take a look at some of today’s most popular engagement rings. Keep them in mind and you might just find the one engagement ring you like and love.

Rose Gold

Of course, it is a crime not to include this one on the list. What is more, there is every reason for it to be on top of this list. For starters, it does not fail in reflecting the feminine rosy shade, a job it continues to be successful at since day one. It resembles elegance while being straightforward. You know, it is not too classy it can almost look like fake. But perhaps its most interesting aspect is the fact that it can easily flatter in every skin tone. That is why ladies always love it – and there is no doubt about that.


Are you hoping to give your engagement ring journey a quick upgrade? Do you mind settling for a different selection than the aforementioned? If so, then you might really want to give sapphires a try. This is most especially the case if you are looking for a more colorful stone. In most cases, people would think of popular engagement rings brands as somewhat related to diamonds. It is true, but there are actually tons of amazing options out there. And yes, sapphires are among of them. Believe it or not, these have been a go-to option of the royal for years. Remember the gorgeous 12-carat sparkler from Kate Middleton?


Well, if you are guilty of lusting over a pink diamond, then you have come to the right list. What is more, it is something you can do even when on a shoestring budget. That is because morganite is –and always will be – a great option. This rosy form of beryl is basically the same mineral as aquamarines and emeralds, among many others. Unlike its contemporaries, it offers a wide range of pastel pink hues. Its quality is great and, more importantly, it will not break your bank!

Diamond Alternatives

Okay, let’s say that you are not really a huge fan of colorful gems. They are simply not your cup of tea. Still, this does not mean that your options are slowly fading. Absolutely not! There are tons out there even if you quite concerned with your budget. . Not only are these alternatives closely resemble the same qualities as diamonds, they are incredibly less and more affordable.

Nature Inspired Accents

Engagement rings are definitely being manufacturer with tons of designs. Some are all about offering your with petals and flows, while others simply have vines and other natural motifs obtained straight from the garden. In case you did not know, leaf detailing is becoming a thing since it can efficiently add whimsical detail your setting claimed

Delicate Settings

Okay, let’s say you are not interested with any of the above. Well, that’s fine – you can always go with delicate settings. This is where you need to pull out some great investment for your engagement ring.  However, you will not regret since it does ring that makes an impact. A smaller center stone is already enough to capture a simple setting that feels perfectly dainty and feminine.

Hexogonal Halos

Are you tired of the casual and classic halo? Of course you are. Almost all people feel the same way actually. After all, it is a classic option to have. But hey, you can always make it better. Your only goal here is to put a little yet fresh twist on the classic halo. And how exactly are you going to do that? Well, that is by simply selecting more geometric take on this bridal standby. The sharp angles of a hexagonal halo feel instantly modern—while still making your center stone look larger. That is definitely going to look good!