What are Fancy Diamonds?

What are Fancy Diamonds?

Not to be mixed up with a fancy cut that determines various diamond cuts that aren’t round and dazzling, fancy color defines a diamond’s color relative to the conventional color scale being utilized for diamonds that are colorless. Often times, diamonds that are unearthed range from colorless all the way to a light yellow hue.

Fancy color diamonds are not found anywhere on this scale because of their unique and luxurious colors. Colorless or even almost-colorless diamonds have value because of just that — they do not have any color. However, fancy diamonds are highly valuable because of the concentration of color found in them. In addition, these kinds of diamonds are extremely rare and are often found in minuscule form; most of them even weight less than one carat!

Adding even more value to fancy diamonds is the rarity of its discovery. Consider this fact: Of the 10,000 colorless diamonds that rise up from the earth, there would only be one natural color diamond in that batch, thereby making this kind of diamond extremely unique.

Several exceptional conditions are needed to produce a fancy diamond. Not only do these sort of diamonds go through the very same process as ordinary ones do, but it also needs distinct elements and alterations to the usual crystal diamond. Whenever a particular element meshes with the carbon atoms during the creation process of a diamond, it can lead to the color changing. Aside from that, radiation, as well as pressure on the structure of a diamond, can also influence its color.

Though normal diamonds range from being colorless all the way to light yellow in the D-to-Z scale, fancy diamonds go beyond the Z scale. This extremely rare variety of diamonds comes in all kinds of color, which include green, blue, pink and undoubtedly, the rarest of them all — the red diamond.

Whereas diamonds using the D-to-Z range often diminish in value whenever the color becomes clearer, the opposite occurs with fancy diamonds as their value usually rises and is actually parallel with the intensity of the color. Massive diamond gems that have vivid colors are extremely unusual, and therefore, extremely valuable as well. Most times, the colors of fancy diamonds are just muted.

As mentioned above, the color of fancy diamonds is as diverse as they come but red, purple and green are usually the hardest to find, followed by blue and pink colored diamonds. Brown and yellow-colored fancy diamonds are common ones and not as the others.

Yellow Fancy Diamonds

While more frequently found compared to the other fancy diamonds, yellow ones are still but a small fraction of the overall diamond population. This diamond’s exquisiteness and the intensity of its hue basically give jewelers a lot to work with.

As it is, the market demand of this particular colored diamond remains high, matched only by the demand for pink diamonds. Yellow fancy diamonds were made even more famous when these were used to propose to celebrity Paris Hilton.

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Green Fancy Diamonds

Another fancy and very rare diamond is the green variety. However, experts encounter some trouble in determining whether a green fancy diamond has been artificially enhanced to bolster the intensity of its color. This is far different from other kinds of colors, which are extremely challenging to augment. The most recognizable fancy green diamonds in the world are that of the Ocean Dream and then, the Dresden Diamond.

Orange Fancy Diamonds

While the demand in the market for orange fancy diamonds is not that high, true diamond experts and collectors truly appreciate this kind as these are often recognized as the most attractive fancy diamond in the entire world. The most famous of this sort is the Pumpkin Diamond — which was mined in Central Africa before it was brought to South Africa where it was bought, cut and then, polished by one William Goldberg. It was auctioned off at Sotheby’s and bought for a cool $1.3 million by Ronald Winston. Today, this particular gem is priced at a whopping $3 million.

Pink Fancy Diamonds

The market has a particular affinity for pink diamonds. It is especially well-liked by women because of their passionate appearance. Diamond collectors, on the other hand, like pink diamonds because they consider these a great investment for their money. The most prominent pink diamonds in the world are the Graff Pink and the Perfect Pink — an ultra-rare 14.23-carat diamond that got bought at Christie’s for an astounding $23 million.

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Blue Fancy Diamonds

The blue-colored fancy diamonds are considered to be the second rarest fancy color. The Hope Diamond — one of the most famous jewels in history — is actually a blue fancy diamond.

Red Fancy Diamond

These are, without a shadow of the doubt, considered to be the rarest diamond in the entire world. In fact, pure red diamonds are so rare that they virtually do not exist or have yet to be found. The ones that have been so far, have a purplish tone to them or even a brownish-red hue. The most famous red fancy diamond is the Moussaieff Red, a diamond that measures at an incredible 5.11 carats and is considered to be the world’s largest red diamond.

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